gas turbine fuel treatment gas turbine compressor cleaning

Our solution: TURBOTECT® (ТУРБОТЕКТ®) fuel additives including vanadium inhibitors, demulsifiers, dehazers, etc. We can also supply special formulations matched to your fuel.
Our suggestion: TURBOTECT® 2020 (ТУРБОТЕКТ® 2020) a more powerful and environmentally friendly water based cleaner now available besides the well proven TURBOTECT® 927 (ТУРБОТЕКТ® 927) and TURBOTECT® 950 (ТУРБОТЕКТ® 950) for ON LINE and OFF LINE applications.
Wash skids designed to match plant requirements and nozzle array configured to the compressor inlet.
Our answer: TURBOTECT® (ТУРБОТЕКТ®) ER-517 or ER-517N lubricity enhancers.


Gas turbine fuel treatment Gas turbine compressor cleaning
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