Swiss Efficiency Package SEP


Turbotect is sharing
30 years experience
in compressor washing
with you


  • Restore the maximum possible power output
  • Increased plant efficiency
  • Optimised wash procedures
  • Minimised time for off line cleaning
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Operators on-the-job training
  • Economise on detergent and effluent disposal

Turbotect has more than 30 years of experience with industrial gas turbines and our business is built around the protection of the rotating equipment by control of compressor fouling and avoidance of hot gas path corrosion. The proposed SEP “Swiss Efficiency Package” will help the operators to keep the compressor clean, minimizing degradation and improving plant efficiency and profitability.


Operators normally receive off line wash instructions from their OEM. Such instructions are generally worded similarly and call for the same wash regimes for all operators and all sites, despite individual gas turbine operating conditions and site parameters. The plant layout, air intake filtration system, atmospheric, weather and operating conditions may differ widely from one plant to another. Therefore the compressor fouling is site specific and calls for a site specific off line wash regime and procedure. We have seen an increasing demand for hands-on training on how to keep the compressor clean resulting in recommendations that goes beyond the usually very basic procedure provided by the OEM.


  • Individual audit matching plant conditions
  • Review of gas turbine OEM washing procedure
  • Review recent wash results, cleaning regime and selection of cleaner
  • Visual check of compressor inlet and IGV condition before and after off line washing
  • Check of the functionality of the wash hardware (nozzles, skid)
  • Perform a static spraying check (system functionality) with the GT in standstill for both on line and off line nozzle injection systems
  • Compressor off line washing and optimisation of the wash procedure in order to restore the maximum possible power output
  • Final report


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Before off line wash After off line wash

Compressor Cleaning Audit on a 280 MW gas turbine compressor:

Fig. 1: Before off line wash
Approx. 10% power degradation

Fig. 2: After off line wash
Power output recovered

Compressor Cleaning Audit

Fig. 3: Compressor Cleaning Audit.
Sampling of drain water