Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaners


Turbotect compressor cleaners are mainly used in axial turbomachinery, and have been specifically developed for this purpose. Numerous successful applications exist worldwide, involving a wide variety of site conditions and various types of gas turbines - including both large and small sized heavy-duty and aeroderivative designs. Turbotect compressor cleaners are approved and endorsed by most of the major gas turbine manufacturers, and have been thoroughly tested to ensure compliance with OEM specifications, industry standards and end-user requirements. If requested, Turbotect can also develop custom formulations for specific compressor cleaning applications.


Type Product Application
Water based TURBOTECT 2020
All purpose cleaner with high performance and high biodegradability

For both ON LINE and OFF LINE use
Solvent based TURBOTECT 927 All purpose cleaner, especially suited for heavy compressor deposits containing oil and grease

For both ON LINE and OFF LINE use

This product matrix offers several advantages to the user:

  • Simplifies purchasing procedures and inventory control.
  • Provides application flexibility, because all products can be used for ON LINE and /or OFF LINE compressor cleaning at the discretion of the plant operators in response to their particular needs.
  • The TURBOTECT 2020 and TURBOTECT 950 water-based series enables cleaning performance comparable to most solvent-based products, but also ensures less environmental impact through excellent biodegradability.
  • The TURBOTECT 2020 cleaner is the latest addition in our product range. New chemical components are included that provide synergy to the formulation. TURBOTECT 2020 is more powerful than TURBOTECT 950 and is as well an environmental friendly water based compressor cleaner for both ON LINE and OFF LINE use.

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