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New generation water based compressor cleaner for ON LINE & OFF LINE use

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In 1993 the Company introduced Turbotect 950. Turbotect 950 continues to be recognized as a highly effective broad spectrum cleaner for both ON LINE and OFF LINE applications.

In continuation of Turbotect's R&D activities, in 2003 we introduced TURBOTECT 2020 - a new generation - more powerful compressor cleaner with even greater overall cleaning efficiency representing yet another milestone in water based chemistry.

Test results and field experience confirm that TURBOTECT 2020 not only surpasses the performance of Turbotect 950 and other currently available water based cleaners, but also matches the cleaning power of solvent based products in most applications.


TURBOTECT 2020 is not simply a "new and improved" version of Turbotect 950: It is a unique blend of non-ionic surfactants and emulsifiers in a biodegradable water based system, and includes totally new chemical components that provide synergy to the formulation. TURBOTECT 2020 has been specially designed to address the type of fouling that is commonly found in today's gas turbines, and where deposits are typically compact mixtures of various salts with urban and industrial pollutants, hydrocarbons and other carbonaceous materials. TURBOTECT 2020 penetrates compressor deposits and quickly emulsifies any oil and grease, thereby freeing all other water soluble and water wettable components.

TURBOTECT 2020 is suitable for all types of gas turbines, including the modern high-output models, and can be used for both ON LINE and OFF LINE cleaning applications. The product is supplied as a concentrate, and should be used at the recommended dilution ratio of 1 part cleaner to 4 parts water. Note that for ON LINE cleaning most OEMs require demineralized water quality for preparing the wash fluid. Other important features are summarized as follows:

  • An extensive side by side cleaning performance test program confirmed that the cleaning efficiency of TURBOTECT 2020 was significantly higher than with all other commercially available water based products tested in terms of foulant removal and rapidity of cleaning. Note that a "popular" solvent based cleaner was also included in this evaluation and gave equivalent performance to TURBOTECT 2020.
  • The superior cleaning efficiency of TURBOTECT 2020 is not impeded by temperature, and the wash fluid can be injected cold or hot.
  • TURBOTECT 2020 is a low-foaming formulation, which greatly improves rinsing and drainage during OFF LINE crank wash procedures. Comparative side by side testing indicates that the product creates considerably less foam than other water based cleaners. Results also confirm that the foam dissipates with dilution i.e. during rinsing, and that dirt is held in the fluid without re-deposition.
  • Independent laboratory analyses confirm that ash content and trace metal impurities in TURBOTECT 2020 are extremely low, and well within the specification limits of the major gas turbine manufacturers.
    Note that product purity is especially important for ON LINE compressor cleaning because trace metals such as Na, K, V and Pb can initiate high temperature corrosion within the hot gas path.
  • TURBOTECT 2020 also has an extremely low non-volatile residue content, which is another important requirement for ON LINE cleaning applications.
  • As with other Turbotect compressor cleaners, TURBOTECT 2020 includes specially selected inhibitors to provide protection of compressor internals.
  • TURBOTECT 2020 has been thoroughly tested by qualified independent laboratories and confirmed to be in complete conformance with the following industry specifications: MIL-PRF-85704C Type II and type III specifications for on line and off line compressor cleaning applications, as well as with the quality and chemical requirements as per General Electric specifications GEI 41042N, GEK 103623B and GEK 107122B.
  • TURBOTECT 2020 meets the strict criteria for "ready biodegradability" as per EPA 40 CFR 796.3100 on Aerobic Aquatic Biodegradation.
  • Acute toxicity tests to EPA CFR 40 Part 797.1300 and Part 797.1400 for fish and daphnia respectively confirm that TURBOTECT 2020 has a low order of toxicity to aquatic species.
  • TURBOTECT 2020 is also classified as "non-hazardous" and is not regulated by DOT or IATA for transportation purposes.


TURBOTECT 2020 is available in non-returnable polyethylene drums containing approximately 208 litres (55 US Gallons) or in IBC's (totes) containing approximately 1040 litres (275 US Gallons).

Please contact Turbotect for additional information about TURBOTECT 2020 or any other Turbotect products.

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