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Turbotect 950 and 950D


TURBOTECT 950 is a superior quality water-based gas turbine compressor cleaner designed for both ON LINE and OFF LINE wet cleaning applications. The product provides excellent cleaning efficiency similar to that attainable with most solvent-based products. However, unlike solvent-based cleaners, TURBOTECT 950 is classified as “easily biodegradable” and “easily bioeliminable” according to OECD-302B guidelines. TURBOTECT 950 is formulated from a combination of non-ionic surfactants and emulsifiers specially designed to remove deposits commonly found in gas turbine compressors. The ash-free ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure that no incremental contamination of the gas turbine hot section can occur. TURBOTECT 950 meets the most stringent specification requirements of major gas turbine manufacturers. It is used successfully in many plant locations around the world, on all types of engines up to 250 MW in output.


TURBOTECT 950 forms a stable solution when mixed with water at the recommended dilution ratio, which is typically 1 part TURBOTECT 950 to 4 parts water. Normal quality fresh water is usually acceptable for OFF LINE cleaning, but most engine manufacturers require that demineralized or distilled water be used for ON LINE cleaning applications.

For ON LINE cleaning the diluted fluid is injected into the compressor section of the turbine while the unit is in operation. Average power loss is reduced and periodic OFF LINE cleaning intervals can be extended. For OFF LINE cleaning using typical soak and rinse procedures, TURBOTECT 950 is used at the same dilution strength and power recovery is usually significant.

NOTE: The engine manufacturer should be consulted prior to ON LINE cleaning under low ambient temperature conditions. Antifreeze additives are available from Turbotect on request.


TURBOTECT 950 is available in non-returnable polyethylene drums containing net 208 litres (55 US Gallons) or in IBC’s (totes) containing approximately 1040 litres (275 US Gallons). Upon request TURBOTECT 950 can also be supplied in the “ready-to-use” diluted form as TURBOTECT 950D, for applications where water availability is scarce or unsuitable.

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