The Products

Fuel Treatment

Turbotect fuel additives are designed to control high temperature corrosion of gas turbine hot section components. This type of corrosion is caused by low-melting point ash deposits, originating from various trace metal impurities (mainly vanadium and sodium) found in low-grade residual oils, crude oils and contaminated distillate fuels. The ingestion of airborne salts can also lead to hot corrosion, even in gas-fired units. Turbotect offers a wide range of additive formulations containing magnesium, chromium and silicon as active components. Each formulation is designed to address specific fuel properties and operating conditions.
TURBOTECT 134 is part of a series of magnesium-based additives designed to inhibit high temperature corrosion caused by fuels containing vanadium. These type additives function by increasing the melting point of vanadic ash deposits.

Smoke And Particulate Emissions

Turbotect offers combustion improvement additives to reduce smoke and particulates in gas turbine emissions.
TURBOTECT 703 is a dual purpose fuel additive designed to reduce particulate emissions and inhibit high temperature corrosion when burning, for example, low sulphur waxy residual fuel oils containing vanadium.

Lubricity Improvement

Lubricity improvement additives are important for gas turbine applications involving naphtha, gas condensates, kerosene and other low-lubricity fuels.
TURBOTECT ER-517N to control corrosion in aggressive naphthas and gas condensates and TURBOTECT ER-517 are both specially formulated to reduce potential wear problems in critical engine components such as fuel pumps and flow dividers, thereby reducing maintenance costs and improving operational reliability. Both additives creates a thin lubricating film by adsorption onto metal surfaces.


Turbotect offers special desalting aids to improve oil/water separation in centrifugal or electrostatic fuel oil treatment plants. Various formulations are available for crude oils and high density residual-grade fuels.

Fuel Dehazer

Emulsified water is frequently found in distillate fuels due to sea water contamination during transportation or as a result of seasonal temperature changes during storage. This water will support biological growth and may also contain corrosive salts.
TURBOTECT EP-390 improves water separation rate in distillate fuel storage tanks and reduces settling time.


Anti-icing And Rinsing Fluid

The ability to perform compressor washing during cold weather periods has become increasingly important for many gas turbine operators.
TURBOTECT ARF-301 anti-icing and rinsing fluid enables both ON LINE and OFF LINE wet cleaning under potentially freezing conditions. It is formulated for use during periods when outside ambient air temperature is in the range +10°C (50°F) down to –10°C (14°F). The product is supplied in a ready-to-use form and is classified non-hazardous.

Biocide/Slime Preventer

Accumulation of water in fuel oil will promote internal corrosion of storage tanks and accelerate biological growth. Biological slime may cause serious plugging problems in downstream fuel filtration systems, transfer pumps and fuel nozzles. TURBOTECT ER-302 is specially formulated to kill most problematic micro-organisms at an early stage of development, thus preventing the build-up of biological slime.

Compressor Cleaning Systems

The Turbotect *PSA* Concept for compressor cleaning was specifically developed to address the changing needs of the gas turbine power generation market. Turbotect offers a unique design of low profile ON LINE and OFF LINE injection nozzles and a range of well-engineered fluid preparation skids and mobile wash carts. Turbotect also provides state-of-the-art experience and expertise in this specialized subject.

Compressor Cleaners

Turbotect offers both water-based and solvent-based detergents approved for ON LINE and OFF LINE compressor wet cleaning applications.

TURBOTECT 2020 - a new generation - more powerful water based compressor cleaner for ON LINE and OFF LINE use. TURBOTECT 2020 has been specially designed to address the type of fouling that is commonly found in today's gas turbines, and where deposits are typically compact mixtures of various salts with urban and industrial pollutants, hydrocarbon and other carbonaceous materials.
TURBOTECT 950 is a highly efficient water-based compressor cleaner designed for both ON LINE and OFF LINE cleaning. The product is effective in removing a wide variety of deposits commonly found in gas turbine compressors. Both compressor cleaners, TURBOTECT 2020 and TURBOTECT 950 are classified as easily biodegradable and bioeliminable.
TURBOTECT 927 is a high quality solvent-based compressor cleaner designed for both ON LINE and OFF LINE cleaning. It is particularly effective in removing organic dirt such as oil and grease.


Turbotect is offering “The Swiss Efficiency Package: Compressor Cleaning Audit” to help operators to maintain compressor clean in order to minimize compressor degradation and to improve plant efficiency and profitability. In the meantime this service has been extended and is offered to any gas turbine operators of any type or make of gas turbine. Experience has shown that this service is very much appreciated by operators and responds to actual needs in the power generation industry.


Consulting Services And Expertise

Turbotect offers over 30 years of experience and “know how” in the field of gas turbine compressor cleaning and fuel treatment technology.
Consulting services are also available in the areas of life cycle engineering of hot part components, coating selection as a function of fuel quality, component refurbishing and metallurgical investigations etc.