Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning Systems



Turbotect Mk3 on line nozzle for compressor washing in large gas turbines Video Clip

In order to ensure operational reliability, safety and optimum cleaning efficiency, all elements of a compressor cleaning program must satisfy demanding technical specifications set by the gas turbine industry. This includes the selection and use of appropriate chemical detergents and all equipment used to prepare and inject the cleaning and rinsing fluids. The Turbotect *PSA* concept for compressor wet cleaning was specifically developed to address these items and to recognize the changing needs of the gas turbine power generation market.

Turbotect offers a range of well-engineered fluid preparation skids and mobile wash carts, a unique propriatary design of low profile ON LINE injection nozzles (Mk1 and Mk3), and a selection of highly effective chemical detergents. Last but not least, Turbotect also provides state-of-the-art experience and expertise in this specialized subject.


Turbotect wash skids and wash carts are provided as compact, workshop-assembled, pre-tested, ready-to-install units designed to match specific engine requirements and a variety of customer needs. Design options include stationary skids or mobile carts for ON LINE, OFF LINE, or combined ON LINE / OFF LINE compressor wet cleaning applications. Control options are provided for "local manual" or "local automatic" operation.

Stationary wash skids can be sized to serve an individual gas turbine or several units at one location, and can also be designed to enable "remote automatic" initiation of the ON LINE wet cleaning cycle. This is achieved via a signal direct from the power plant control room and offers distinct advantages for installations involving more than one gas turbine.

Turbotect wash skids and mobile wash carts are designed to enable safe and reliable preparation of the cleaning fluid (i.e. mixing of the chemical detergent with water at the correct ratio) and transfer of this fluid to the injection nozzles at the appropriate temperature, pressure and flow-rate. The equipment is sized to provide adequate storage capacity of the cleaning fluid, thus enabling the power plant to perform the required number of uninterrupted ON LINE and/or OFF LINE wet cleaning operations. Connection to the compressor injection nozzle manifold is either by permanent piping or flexible hose, depending on whether the system is stationary or mobile.


Turbotect ON LINE injection nozzles provide maximum safety to the gas turbine and compressor blades under operational conditions. Compared to other traditional designs these flush-mounted nozzles of the type Mk1 for gas turbine units up to about 120 MW in power output and of the Mk3 type of nozzles for units of 120 to 140 MW and above, both nozzle designs are patended, involve only a minimum protrusion into the air inlet casing, thus avoiding any disturbance to the inlet-air flow pattern. There is no danger of loosing any parts into the air stream, so the possibility of mechanical deformation or frequency resonance damage is avoided. All components are fabricated from stainless steel and involve no welded parts.

Turbotect ON LINE nozzle systems are simple to install either on new GT's or on existing units as part of a retrofit or upgrading program. Turbotect also offers low-profile OFF LINE injection nozzles upon request.


The Turbotect product line also includes illuminated viewing windows which are installed on the gas turbine compressor air inlet duct. This enables the operator to actually see the first-stage guide vanes at any time, and also to observe the wet cleaning cycle.